The technology is used by the leading universities of the country:
Moscow State University, Higher School of Economics, Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, etc.
iDesk Studio is also included in the mandatory list for the CPC.

iDesk Studio is also a success with commercial structures. EdCrunch, Skillbox, SkyEng, Channel One, Raiffeisen Bank, Skolkovo, Synergy, Quantorium, Nexign and others save time and money using our solutions.

Transparent touch boards are used by: speakers, teachers, coaches, bloggers, business coaches and companies for creating video content.

High-quality sound and picture, professional lighting, touch-sensitive transparent board
Creating online interactivity: flipping the presentation with the sensor, deleting elements, drawing, etc.
The speaker looks in the same direction as the viewer, so that eye contact is maintained
Interactive technology
Visual contact
You get the finished clip as soon as you press the stop button
Interaction in real time
with presentation elements,
graphs, browser, gifs, etc.
Budget savings
Unique format
Comparison of iDesk Studios
Choose one of our complete sets or
assemble your own
Show the advantages compared to similar studios.
The Difference
iDesk Studio

Height-adjustable pedestal

End illumination for drawing with chalk markers
Wireless phone/stylus charger built into the pedestal
Control the color of the speaker backlight built into the board in the 2700-6500k range
Availability of own software for interactive lesson management. One-year subscription.
70-90 Thousand RUB
20-50 Thousand RUB
The possibility of placing the studio in a room from 18m2 with ceilings from 2 900mm
Ability to draw the simplest geometric figures: square, ellipse, circle, triangle, line
Prerequisites for citizens with disabilities
Recognized touches at a time
All softboxes with LED technology
Availability of adjustment of all softboxes in the light range of at least 4400-5600K
Access to 3TB cloud storage
A mobile app to manage the broadcast
Login for an unlimited number of teachers with presets memorized
Quick-release glass (frameless design) for board service
Ability to prepare a broadcast in the WEB-service online
PTZ camera with 24/7 streaming capability
Camera quality

Full HD


Availability of a prompter with its own software
Tablet for broadcast control
Examples of videos from iDesk Studio
A handy online education tool

With the technology you can easily record your video lesson, make an online course
or hold a webinar.
The hardware-software complex allows you
to work with augmented reality,
to interact with the presentation.
The system is fully automatic, allows you to
2 times faster and 3 times cheaper to record a video lesson, presentation or advertising video clip.
Our company is accredited on all popular electronic platforms. We have experience in participating in public procurement and conducting them through an e-platform.
Patented quick-release glass system
Safe ultra-reflective European glass
Interactive whiteboard. monoblock based on intel core i7 processors
Height adjustable pedestal. Customize the board to your needs
Backlighting speaker t°/t°. Only natural complexion
PTZ camera. Adjust everything at the touch of a button on the remote control

iDesk Studio allows:

►Draw on the glass with fluorescent markers. The video is automatically mirrored;

►Output the presentation to the board in real time and without montage. The presentation has a background that is automatically cut out;

►Output the live presentation easily and quickly;

►Output screencast from laptop, tablet, and phone;

►Ordering a video studio turnkey you get equipment setup, training, and technical support
1 year;
The price of the studio includes:
Assembling and configuring the equipment
Training on
how to work
with the hardwareт software complex
Advice from speakers and a specialist in video shooting
Technical support

We have installed more than 25 studios

all over Russia!

Our product is officially
The technology is already in use
Russia, Yekaterinburg city
9a Kraulya street
Office 402 (4th floor) - directorate
Office 214 (2nd floor) - studio